Customer Comments & Feedback

Matt Stevenson
Hello, how are you? I hope you are well. I just tried to search for"no crow rooster collar" on Facebook but it came up blank. (ie: look under "Rooster Collars") I was just thinking this could be a good source of getting the word out. I've recently brought one of your collars from you and couldn't be happier with it. I'd tried a home made one, he pulled it off. Brought a cheaper one on eBay, pulled that off and it wasn't the best quality, or soft enough. Brought yours..... Perfect! Good quality, soft, he hasn't been able to pull it off. More importantly, he can make every other noise, cluck, call his hens softly for things he has found, Loud warning cluck.......BUT NO CROW! Obviously you already know this, but I thought it would be nice to tell you how happy we are with your product!

Thank you, well done all.



Janine Brooks
Thank you for being a lifesaver for our Roos! We, being urban farmers, appreciate the ability to house a rooster to protect our girls. You are, in a way, our girls' hero giving our roo the ability to continue his job in the heart of the city!
As you know, we've ordered several--and I have a few new roos, so we will order several more.

Omaha, Nebraska


Hi there,

I thought you might like some feedback following our purchase of the 10" No Crow collar.

We have a Gold Laced Orpington cockerel called Rocky. He is 9 mnths old and we purchased him to replace Chunky Dunky our Buff Orpington cockerel who suddenly passed away a few months ago.  Unfortunately, Rocky is incredibly noisy! His constant crowing was causing me concern so hence deciding to try one of your collars. We followed the fitting instructions carefully and had no problems with Rocky when we released him back into the chicken run. He didn't take any notice at all. Does he crow less? Yes he does and he's audibly much quieter when he does crow. He's eating and drinking just the same as before. In summary,  I'm pleased with our purchase and pleased with Rocky and how well he has taken to wearing his new collar.  Shipping was really fast (7 days)  to Scotland, UK. Thank you so much for your help and for the prompt supply of the collar.  
Kind regards,
Wendy Churcher
Woodleigh Lodge 'Pacas & Poultry