NO CROW Rooster Collars work by diminishing the force behind roosters' crows. Reserves of air from air sacs (in addition to their lungs) are expelled all at once when they crow. When the NO CROW Rooster Collar is worn snugly around the neck (like a belt is worn around the waist) it tends to limit the force of the air and makes the crow quieter.


 Download Illustrated INSTRUCTIONS.



To ensure a good fit, measure your rooster's neck (under the feathers, close to the skin, lower on the neck) before ordering. You can use a cloth tape measure or even a string to get his correct neck size.
Measure low on the neck under the feathers as much as possible.
After you measure, add on 1-1/2" (3.81cm), then order the closest size up. So if he measures 4" (10.15cm) for example, add 1-1/2" (3.81cm) to make 5-1/2" (14 cm), and the next size up is the 6" (15.25cm) small.



INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is available in standard, and Priority. Please note, Standard shipping does not include tracking or guaranteed delivery and although unusual, may take as long as 8 weeks to arrive in certain parts of the world. Refunds will not be allowed for long shipping and delivery times. Priority has tracking and is usually quicker.


  • IS IT SAFE? Yes. The NO CROW Rooster Collar does not inhibit normal eating, breathing, or physical activities including preening, dust bathing and mating when used as directed. Download the Instructions Here. We do strongly recommend removing from the environment, including his sleeping environment, anything that might potentially snag, and feeding him regular crumble chicken feed.                                                                                                                                                          We have had very good success with all of our own roosters, and every day we get emails from customers saying they work great for them. We are here to offer as much help as we can to answer your questions about your particular situation to get your collar to work well for you. Make sure to email us with any questions or concerns.

    By follow the fitting instructions closely as you get him used to it the chances of success are excellent. Eventually, the collar must be quite snug to reduce the crow (only the tip of your littlest finger should fit under the edges). As you are slowly tightening it, make sure it is under most feathers, and that the feathers that do end up under the collar are as smooth as you can get them. It should be located lower on the neck, and as you tighten make sure you monitor him while you are still holding him. Download Important Instructions Here.

    If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know. We are always here to help.
  • HOW DO I KNOW IF IT IS TIGHT ENOUGH? Once your rooster has had ample time to adjust to his NO CROW Rooster Collar worn loosely on his neck you may begin the fitting process. The easiest way to find the best fit is to slowly tighten the collar while holding him on your lap, making sure not to overly tighten the collar. Once you have the collar secured, check the fit by gently tucking the tip of your little finger under both the top and bottom edges. It should be evenly snug all the way around. If there are feathers pinched under the top edge of the collar that should be hanging over the collar, make sure to adjust them now. Otherwise, they will work themselves out and make the fit too loose. As a precaution before you set your rooster down, take some time to assess his posture and his breathing. Most roosters breath with their beaks open when they are nervous, but continue to hold and monitor him. Be patient and give him some time to get comfortable, and use treats to make this a more pleasant experience for both of you. When you feel comfortable setting him down, watch him in his environment for a while at first, and monitor him sporadically throughout the first day. Download Important Instructions and Tips here.
    • IS IT GUARANTEED TO WORK? The NO CROW Rooster collar is designed to allow the necessary vocalization but at a reduced level. The effectiveness is dependent on the collar being properly fitted and adjusted. Get Important Instructions Here. It is not meant to completely eliminate crowing. Results may vary from rooster to rooster, and are dependent on the person doing the fitting. It is very important to be patient and careful when first fitting your rooster.                            
      • CAN I USE IT ON A NOISY HEN OR GUINEA? Although they are only intended to be used on roosters, some success has been reported on noisy hens, guineas, and husbands.
      • CAN I GET COLLARS SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF THE US? Yes. NO CROW Rooster Collar orders are sent to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Italy, South Africa, and many other parts of the world.
      • HOW DO I KNOW WHAT SIZE TO ORDER? It is highly recommended that a measurement of your rooster's neck be used to determine the appropriate size of your NO CROW Rooster Collar. Every rooster is different. Measure around the lower portion of the neck, under the feathers and close to the skin. You will need to add at least 1.5 inches (3.8cm) of overlap for the velcro to adhere correctly. For example, if your Silkie's neck is 6.5 inches (16.51cm) around adding the 1-1/2"(3.8cm) will give you 8"(20.32cm). You should order a MEDIUM (8"- 20.32cm) NO CROW Rooster Collar. When in doubt order one size larger.
        • CAN IT BE ADJUSTED? NO CROW Rooster Collars are made to be perfectly adjusted to your particular rooster. It's success depends on finding the right fit for your boy. The collar can be made somewhat smaller but it cannot be made larger than the size listed.
        • WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE IT STAY IN PLACE LONGER? First, make sure that you have moved as many feathers out of the way as possible. This will prevent improperly placed feathers from sliding out from under the collar and allowing it to fit more loosely than intended. Additionally, you may wish to accessorize your collar with an adorable and practical bow tie. NO CROW Rooster Collar's Fashionable Fowl Accessories are not only designed for looks but, for the practical purpose of securing the the collar.
        • IS IT PATENTED? Yes. A patent was filed and accepted and NO CROW Rooster Collars may not be duplicated or similarly made without compromising patent laws and risking legal action.
        • CAN I BUY YOUR COLLARS FOR RESALE? Yes. Distributors are welcome to buy NO CROW Rooster Collars in bulk at Wholesale prices. Inquire via email Wholesale@NoCrowRoosterCollars.com

              •  WHAT IS THE RETURN POLICY? The effectiveness of this product is dependent on it being properly adjusted and fitted according to the instructions. This collar is not guaranteed to fully stop your rooster from crowing. Rather, it is designed to significantly reduce the volume of his crowing. Since individual roosters react differently, and results are affected by each individual user, there are no guarantees or refunds available for this product, but we are always available to answer your questions.

        Please feel free to email us at info@NoCrowRoosterCollars.com, and we will respond as promptly as possible.

        Please read and follow all Instructions carefully.